High performance computing

In 2014, Beijing Jiaotong University developed the high-performance computing platform, which has 10 TB memory and 96 nodes with 1600 CPU cores. The peak power of computing is 31 Tflops. By the end of 2017, the HPC platform is upgraded with over 600 CPU cores and 5 GPU cards. The CloudRT is developed and deployed on the HPC platform to significantly accelerate the ray tracing channel simulations, especially for massive simulation tasks and complex scenarios.

Environment library

The CloudRT supports various environments. The environment library contains different categories of 3D environment models, which can be freely downloaded after registration. Users can also build and share their own environment models on this website. The current version of the library contains: Railway environment models, Urban indoor and outdoor models.


Material library

RT simulation requires EM parameters of objects and materials in the environment model. Our lab has already conducted measurements and calibration for many common seen materials in the urban indoor and outdoor environment, as well as in the railway environments, in the mmwave frequency band. Alternatively, ITU's parameters at sub-100 GHz and other reported material EM parameters in academic papers can be incorporated as well. With the practical EM parameters, we are able to construct the material database for reliable RT simulations.

Users are welcome to contact us and contribute to the libraries.


Antenna library

The CloudRT supports various antenna types and MIMO channel simulation. Similar as the environment library, the antenna library allows users download or upload their own antenna patterns with the specified JSON format.