Best paper award in ITST 2018

Nov 02, 2018

The paper "Measurements-Based Research on Correlation of MIMO Channel in High-Speed Scenario" obtained the best paper award at the 16th International Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems Telecommunications. 1 2 This paper shows the research on correlation characteristic of MIMO channel based on the measurement conducted in high-speed scenario. According to the channel impulse response and the correlation characteristic of MIMO channel obtained from the measurement campaign, the 2-by-2 MIMO channel in high-speed scenario was characterized in some aspects. All the field measurement results would be a profit reference for channel modelling. Firstly, basic MIMO channel model and also the LTE downlink cell-specific reference signal are studied for the further research. Then, the correlation coefficients of 2-by-2 MIMO channel at receiver side are high than at transmitter side. The statistic of eigenvalues depicted can be used for cross reference of some classical channel model. Furthermore, the capacity will decay when the condition number increases. Finally, various MIMO channel characteristic are depicted from various speed. Obviously the higher speed will cause a worse correlation of the channels. Besides according to the CDFs of three condition numbers, a more well-conditioned HHH is in lower speed scenario, which means a larger capacity gain.